Preparing Your Home for Market

Disassociate Yourself from the Property

This is the hardest obstacle to overcome. Think of your home as a product to be marketed. It's easier to sell a home when taking into consideration this will no longer be your home.


Take personal items down and pack them up. You want to de-clutter the home by removing everything from kitchen and bathroom counters to rearranging closets and cabinets. Try to rent a storage unit, putting extra furniture and items out of the way. Remember, less is more!

Paint Neutral Colors

Not everyone can see past the darker colors or having too many colors throughout the house. Too many colors could become a distraction to the buyers, as you want them to see the house as a future home. Repair and caulk trim, doors, and windows. Remove popcorn ceilings, if possible.

Stage Your Home

This is extremely important to aid in the marketing of your home & this is where our expertise will help you. Updating lighting & using higher wattage bulbs will make the house bright and cheery.

Make Everything Sparkle

It's time to clean...carpets, porches, laundry rooms, garages, oven, tile, and windows etc. Also, try to remove all pet oders,litter boxes, pet hair, and toys. Not every potential buyer is a dog or cat  lover, so try to have a place where they can go during a showing.

Step Back & Look with New Eyes

Ask yourself, better yet, friends and/or family if there is anything that they see could improving your home's marketability. Having another set of eyes can make a difference to how perspective buyers will view your property.


What buyers really think...

When a home is staged properly, it's easier for buyers to be influenced. Also, it makes the property more inviting when viewing it online. First impressions matter!

Buyers will:

  • 81% Easily visualize the property as their future home
  • 46% Be more willing to walk thru a home viewed online
  • 45% Will positively be impacted by a home decorated to buyer tastes
  • 28% Overlook other property flaws
  • 10% Negatively impact the home value if decorated against their tastes
  • 5% Be more suspect of home features if home isn't staged properly

To maximize the value of your property, we recommend the two C's of staging:

  • Clean = spotless kitchen, baths, patios, & yard
  • Clutter free = depersonalize & show the most floor space

The property needs to be neat, clean, and orderly in preparing for sale. Organizing and prepacking items that are not regularly used will create a spacious feeling. Storage is one of the top items on a buyer's list: therefore it's necessary to show that your home has the space desired. If you don't need it, get rid of it....if you aren't going to use it for six months, but don't want to throw it away, box it up and put into storage.

Maximizing Results

The goal of Alabama Professional Partners is to position your home to attract the maximum number of buyers possible. Home valuation is the most important tool we use in reaching this goal. More buyers typically means a higher price, better terms, and shorter days on the market.

There are only three responses you can expect from the market:

  1. Getting and accepting an offer within the first 21-30 days
  2. Having a few showings, but receiving no acceptable offers...reposition or be patient
  3. Slow or no showings...time to reposition if the market is not responding in a way that will get you where you want to go and in the time frame you need

Important Papers

Download and follow this step by step guide to ease you along the path of selling your home

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